4 Bad Habits that “sabotage” memory


As long as the years pass, we see that our brain does not work as good as when we were younger.

But apart from this normal process, there are other reasons that can affect our memory, which most often associated with the daily habits of each.

Below are 4 of the most common “guilty” as the psychology professor said at the University of Edinburgh, Robert Logie, the MailOnline:

Habit #1: Eat much junk food

As revealed by research scientists Australia last year, consumption of ready, processed food other than … your scale, can have devastating effects on the functioning of memory. This showed least experiments performed in mice.

Habit #2: Consume large amounts of alcohol

Long-term alcohol consumption can lead to brain shrinkage. In a survey conducted recently, researchers from University College London found that those who drank a lot of alcohol in middle age, suffered a higher rate of memory loss six years earlier than those who consumed smaller amounts of alcohol.

Habit #3: Excessive use of social media

When one spends much time on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, can “overload” the area of the brain associated with short-term memory, says a survey by the Royal Institute of Technology KTH Stockholm.

Habit #4: Lack of sleep

Research by American scientists has shown that lack of sleep can “kill” the brain cells. According to a study published in the Journal Of Neuroscience, prolonged sleep deprivation in mice – the equivalent for humans is 4-5 hours of sleep a day for three consecutive nights – “killed” 25% certain brain cells.

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