Cisco: Digitization of networks with new security and virtualization technologies


According to a recent study by IDC, is expected within the next two years to triple worldwide adoption rate by businesses of modern, automated networks.

The Cisco, aiming to achieve the transition to the networks of the digital age offers new technologies that give companies the ability to create secure networks and virualilzed.

The survey was conducted by IDC on behalf of Cisco and included 2,054 enterprises worldwide in 10 countries, in order to determine the readiness of their digital networks. The survey involved medium-sized and large in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The main findings of the survey include the following:
• Businesses clearly recognize the need for development of their networks: 45% of companies expect that within the next two years will reach the potential of digital-ready networks. This figure is three times what it is today.
• Modern networks provide real and tangible benefits: Companies that have invested in modern network capabilities seeing revenue, customer retention rates and profits doubled or even tripled. They have also developed twice as many actions and initiatives related to the digital transition in relation to companies that maintain legacy networks.
• The digital era networks adoption rates are comparable regardless of size vertically integrated company and industry-wide: therefore, the levels of maturity in terms of network infrastructure are comparable between the various market segments and differences between medium and large enterprises are minimal.
• Emerging countries are expected to outperform developed: The real difference is shown by the comparison at country level. Today, North America has the highest levels of maturity in terms of network infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America are at the lower limit. The first countries in terms of maturity in terms of network infrastructure are the UK, the US and Australia. However, the biggest jump in maturity expected from emerging economies: India, China and Mexico.

CiscoPrimeAs part of the investigation, Cisco is introducing a series of new tools and services aiming to provide a roadmap to the winding path to the digital-ready networks. The network assessment tools to help customers understand at what point the way they are, to draw on their way to realize the business benefits they gain by continuing the route to a destination mature digital network. In addition, Cisco offers new consulting services through which provided in-depth and detailed advice companies on how to develop a unique strategy that leads directly to achieving their digital goals.

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