Demolishing Drinkable Collagen Myth


Collagen is an abundant protein. Α major component of our body’s connective tissue. Connective tissue is everywhere ‘’gluing’’ fibers together within the organs and cells between them. It helps our organism to replace dead skin cells.

Essentially, our entire body (even bones) is built over, around and through the fascia, like bricks “fill” the concrete frame to build a house. Also, in various forms depending on the body, collagen is tendon, heart, nails, hair, skin, gums, and eyes, which give consistency, strength and elasticity to tissues such as skin, cartilage, arteries and joints. It is no coincidence that collagen represents about 30% of our body weight.
Of all the nutritional supplements, one of the most “ingenious” is “drinking liquid collagen”. Its advertised more and more, on pharmacies, cosmetic and food supplement online stores.
Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Reading the ads, one can learn about the known properties of the collagen, improving hair health, nails, skin and joints among other things and also syfy allegations like:

• Skin whitening
Cellulite reduction
• Metabolism increase rate and weight loss
• Acne, dermatitis and psoriasis treatment

The promotion of drinkable liquid collagen is also based on fraudulent misrepresentation.
Most of those that promote drinking liquid collagen care to conceal small details, while others are moving “without a blush of shame” and error of commission, the limits of falsehood.

Collagen benefits relating collagen already present in our body is not mentioned. However, collagen present in our body and dietary supplement collagen are two entirely different concepts.

To understand the difference, we recall that collagen is a protein. Therefore, its composed of amino acids. So when you take it through the digestive system, like food or a dietary supplement, that is metabolized, its circulating through our bodies , cleaved by stomach acids to amino acids, which are absorbed by the small intestine, not used by the joints and tissues.

Our organism will use some of the amino acids for energy, others will be used to compose proteins and tissues again (including new collagen). What does this mean? It means that the collagen that they try to sell us, contain 500ml of another source of protein, at the price of 50 Euro’s!

The liquid drinkable collagen is just another dietary source of protein. The surprising properties misleadingly advertised, are those corresponding to collagen created by our body, not in collagen you can drink. So another thing is advertised and another thing is really sold! Do not throw your money in drinking Collagens…get your protein in a more palatable way!!! Nuts, legumes, eggs, etc.

Drinkable collagen is prepared by skin cooking, cartilage, tendons, bones and other connective tissue from slaughtered animals, which are the worst forms of protein because that way, loses its minimal essential amino acids such as tryptophan and methionine. Also be careful of Hydroxyprolin. It’s liquid collagen, just under another name. Stay away from drinkable collagen, there is much better alternatives for tendon health etc.

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