Gaming screen AOC AGON with 4K IPS and Nvidia G-Sync


The AOC AGON AG271UG has an impressive 27-inch 4K IPS panel, which brings to market the latest games with highly detailed graphics UHD and accurate colors.

Modern graphics cards and consoles is already able to produce gaming graphics 4K UHD resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels) and 60 frames per second. Parallel and game designers optimize their creations to shine with beautiful and detailed 4K graphics.

By AGON AG271UG, the AOC has a 16: 9 screen that justifies game developers, catapulting their creations. With a 27-inch 4K IPS panel, the display offers an impressive pixel density, which enables the worlds of games to shine with rich detail. To look even better, IPS technology allows very high color accuracy, which can be taken from almost any viewing angle (up to 178 °).

aok gaming monitor 2In addition to NVIDIA G-SYNC mode, gamers enjoy the stunning graphics to the fullest even during very fast scenes. The built-in G-SYNC technology, synchronize the refresh rate of the GPU AG271UG available to compatible NVIDIA graphics cards, reducing the screen tearing and greatly reducing flicker and entry delay. The result is perfectly smooth 4K graphics and responsive game without annoying distractions, which enhance the performance of each contestant player of esports.

Like previous AGON screens, so the AG271UG has a number of features that enhance comfort, well-being and performance of professional gamers. For healthy posture during the game, the AOC Ergo Dial Base offers ergonomic adjustment options of tilt, swivel and height of the screen (including scale height).

aok gaming monitor 3Additionally to stay healthy and rested the eyes of the players, the AOC Flicker Free technology reduces flicker to prevent eyestrain, while the operation AOC Low Blue Light reduces potentially harmful short-wavelength blue light. For additional advantage in dark games, the function AOC Shadow Control brighten extremely dark areas of the screen without affecting the rest of the image. The package is completed with a retractable headphone bracket that allows gamers to safely deposit their headphones among esports games, and a highly convenient carrying handle for easy movement of the screen in different locations.

The AOC AGON AG271UG will be available in April 2017 at the estimated retail price of EUR 799.

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