Healthy breakfast: The 8 best foods to properly start your day


A good and healthy breakfast is one of the fundamental characteristics of a proper diet, since not only fills you with energy for several hours, but to help in your quest to maintain adequate pounds, and stabilize blood sugar levels in your blood, leading not hungry. But what should you eat to start your day in the most healthy way? Surely, the solution is not the croissants, the pastries or cakes. Below follow the eight best choices you can combine with each other as you want and create a nutritional par breakfast.

healthy breakfast

1. Eggs
Despite the fact that the ‘accused’ eggs to high cholesterol levels in recent years have done well with their reintegration into our daily nutrition. The reason; According to the investigations of recent years, the eggs not only adversely affect our health, but containing 13 nutrients, very beneficial to the human body.

2. Bananas
Although … misunderstood fruit due to the high content of starch, but also for its many calories, banana is a very good and fast food choice for breakfast. The favorite this fruit is rich in fiber, potassium and vitamin C, a combination that helps control blood pressure. For this reason, start to include at breakfast, or in general in your diet, bananas and certainly will not do bad.

3. Grapefruit
In general, citrus fruits are an excellent solution for the recruitment of the very important for our organization, vitamin C. In particular, however, grapefruit serves two main purposes. Can the one be a great way to enrich your body with vitamin C, but on the other helps amazingly and weight loss. … With one stone two birds!

4. Yogurt
Yogurt, as well as eggs, is an important source of protein, giving your body the necessary “skills” to start the day right. Still, it is a very good source of calcium intake. You chose to include in your breakfast this important food, but made sure to choose yogurt with low fat and no added ingredients that add flavor, since they contain extra sugar. If you do not want to eat the classic yogurt, you can add fresh fruit, making it tastier in the most healthy way.

5. Tea
Thanks to flavonoids containing tea has antioxidant properties that make your body have stronger immune system. In fact, the organization is not only against the fortified simple illnesses, but tea can protect you from certain cancers or heart problems. Still, it contains a compound that makes us feel awake and increases the ability of concentration.

6. Cereals
Cereals are the basis for a healthy breakfast and for good reason. The oat flakes contain, can keep you full for a long time and to reduce the levels of cholesterol in your body. By adding a few nuts or fruits, you can have a complete and perfect breakfast with the right amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat needed by your body.

7. Natural orange juice
The fresh orange juice is a classic choice for breakfast as it is not just tasty, but also nutritious. Orange juice contains vitamin C, potassium and folic acid, which protects your body from many diseases and ensure its proper functioning. However, cared being contained in a small glass a day, since it also contains a lot of calories and sugar.

8. Coffee
Can you drink the coffee morning to “wake up”, but the benefits are not only limited to this. Coffee consumption may protect you from the risk of many diseases such as cancer and diabetes, but also contains antioxidants that can contribute to better health of your body. certainly made sure not load your body with unnecessary calories, adding sugar, milk or various herbs in your coffee.

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