How dangerous it is to charge the phone from the PC


When your phone begins to “complaining” that the battery is low, you probably should think twice before connecting to your computer, not a power point to charge.

The security experts warn that the connection to the computer is a simple act but could open the door to your personal data to hackers.

Security Issues

According to researchers at Kaspersky Lab0, connecting an iPhone or an Android on a computer, it has the effect of transferring a lot of data from one device to another. This could include the name of the phone, the manufacturer, the device type, serial number, information of the operating system and file system. The amount of data that is sent varies depending on the device, but each cell carries the same basic set of information such as device name, manufacturer and serial number.

While this information may seem completely harmless, it is enough for a hacker to “break” a smartphone and take control, according to Kaspersky. The researchers did tests to see how easy it is to intercept information and finally as stated in a report in the Mirror was not that difficult. Hackers are finding ways to circumvent the supposedly secure data exchange and access to what information they want, without of course knowing the user.

Experts warn both to preferred charging normal outlets, second only use reliable USB devices to charge via computer. Essential is also the establishment of some kind of antivirus software is able to detect malware.

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