Making music your own experience


At times, you will discover that a musical idea can’t be expressed through an existing tuning or technique. Out of necessity a new technique can arise. It can be a new intriguing kind of picking, or a new way of playing, that captures your imagination, or deeply expresses and inspires you.

In your own experience, learn to play what sounds good to your ear, using techniques that feel natural and comfortable to your fingers. Nothing comes to easy, give it a lot of practice, it may starts to feel right. If it still feels awkward, drop it.

Take your time and let music ‘breath’ developing your own personal rhythm, don’t rush to get to the chorus, learn the difference of using emptiness from just filling the space.


Mistakes are welcome. Listen and learn from them.

If you make a cool sounding mistake while improvising, try to repeat it on verse two, could be a great idea!

Don’t make any of your music mechanically or through patterns of habit.

Create each sound, phrase and piece with choice – deliberately.

Don’t let your fingers wander, place them intentionally.


Communicate with people and learn by observing and listening to others.

Many guitarists tend to be shy. Insecurity creates anxiety and it can shut your machines of creation down. There is no quick fix about this. Playing ‘safe’ not to fail will save you from criticism, but won’t solve the problem. Put yourself in the difficult position of playing guitar in front of people with every chance you have.

Be humble, you are learning, it’s not so bad to look stupid occasionally. After all you are an entertainer!


If you love playing music, and have some natural talent, eventually you’ll find your true, natural voice.


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