NASA is proposing the creation of an artificial magnetic field on Mars


NASA has made an innovative proposal to create the right conditions for the colonization of Mars.

The NASA’s proposal includes the creation of an artificial magnetic field on Mrs in order to create the necessary conditions for hosting life. The main purpose of NASA’s plan is to be able to reduce the radiation in the “Red Planet”, as the atmosphere is much more sparse than that of Earth. The atmosphere on Mars is estimated to consist of 95% of carbon dioxide and oxygen is minimal, while the average surface temperature is -60 degrees Celsius.

Colonies on Mars could be supported in part by the cold water that seems to exist on its surface, but the radiation is very high because of the thin atmosphere. NASA scientists propose creating special provisions for the creation of an artificial magnetic field around the planet. H NASA believes that by placing a shield of magnetic dipoles would create a magnetic field on Mars.

It is understood that this project is very ambitious and complicated to set up, but it shows the philosophy of Mars colonization effort topic is high on NASA’s agenda.

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