New battery technology from the inventor of the Lithium ion battery


The 94chronos John Goodenough is a random man as he is signing the invention of the lithium ion battery.

The physicist, John Goodenough, shows that in 94 years remains a spirit of concern and promises a revolution in energy storage technology in a scientific article published recently. Together with his team at The University of Texas working on a solid state battery technology that can accommodate triple action relative to a lithium ion battery of the same size.

The difference of the new battery develops team John Goodenough is that instead of liquid electrolytes using glass, resulting in increase uses sodium instead of lithium, which is more cheap and easy to be found, while the glass exhibits higher strength, so they do not risk new batteries from overheating or explosions. Overall, the new battery will be more durable, cheaper and easier to produce.


Another element that has the advantage of battery technology proposed by the group of John Goodenough is that it can withstand considerably more charging cycles with respect to a lithium ion battery used today. Finally, it seems that the respectable Mr. Goodenough, brings a suggestion for future batteries that fit exactly into words that make up its name

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