Nikola Tesla: The Prometheus of Electricity


Born as today on July 10, 1856

“Nikola Tesla remains the myth, the central point, the archetype of all the 20th century scientists.” Gerry Vassilatos, Lost Science

Nikola Tesla was born at midnight on July 10, 1856, during a terrible storm full of bright lightning … he was an electrifying night and he was fortunate to be born in one of the most “electrified” areas of Europe: a border separating two empires, the Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman Empire. Born in the village of Smiljan in Lika, a region that now belongs to Croatia, but it was part of the so called Vojna Krajina, ie the border “military area” of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was autonomous and inhabited mainly by Serb refugees from various regions occupied by Ottoman Serbia. He died, like today, on January 7, 1943.

That same year born born Tesla and Sigmund Freud, Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw. In the same year Burton and Speke discovered the sources of the Nile and the bloody Crimean War. But few of these events reached the ears of Tesla’s father, Milutin, who was the Serb Orthodox priest of the village or mother Tzouka Mandic, who was an illiterate but gifted countrywoman, endowed with the gift to easily learn foreign languages and to invent practical solutions to everyday problems.

Nikola was a thin and sickly boy, which very worried his parents (indeed baptized just born, because the priest was afraid father died prematurely). The greatest love was the nature and animals.

They liked to walk through the hours in the forests around his family and imagining ways pumping energy from the wind or from the incessant movement of the rapids …

From early childhood Nikola demonstrated a genius and an ingenuity that made him stand out. At the age of four years he envisioned ways of energy extraction from a small waterfall, located near his home. Draw a wheel turning around an axis, which was tied to a forked stick. With very fine small saw Nikola wheel spinning endlessly for water power. Could the notes for hours, making plans to create a larger wheel. A few years later, when I first saw a photo of Niagara Falls, he said to his father: “One day I would like to the harness.” And one day, several years later, his wish did come true …

During the adolescent age Tesla began to forge a strong character, control the emotions and passions and avoids the narrow forms of human contact. Gradually he began building a pure spirit, with mental clarity, with a wealth of knowledge, with ethics and with increased capacity intuition.

Go to the Karlovac high school, who then called in German Carlstadt, when he saw for the first time an experimental demonstration of power. Tesla was amazed in front of this amazing phenomenon. Full of emotion later remembered the lessons and the first experiments was watching: “Each experiment he found in a thousand reflections of my mind. I wanted to learn more about this amazing power. Longed experiments and investigations and everything just ends the lesson I had a sadness in the soul “(My Inventions). Since then he decided to devote his life to the study of electricity and physics to discover all its secrets. And he kept his promise.

He was so impressed with the new science of electricity, so decided to learn English to be able to read the writings of pioneer American inventor Thomas Alva Edison!

Despite initial objections of his father, who wanted him to become a priest or soldier, as was the family tradition, Tesla enrolled at the Polytechnic Institute in Graz, Austria, and immediately became a devoted student. Arriving at Graz Tesla felt that a dream has now been fulfilled. He could finally devote herself to the mechanical and n ‘dedicated to the study and research of electricity.

INV_Nikola Tesla AC Motor 1

He continued looking response to the problem of utilization of alternating current, became obsessed, even after the end of his studies at the Prague University (1879-1880), when they got a job as an electronic to a new telephone company in Budapest, Hungary. During his work in this company Tesla invented a telephone amplifier, which became the ancestor of the current speaker. But time did not forget the problem of the invention is an AC device.

In early 1882 a small illness forced him to stay for a few days off work. Walking the sunset, with his friend and assistant Anital Szigety, in a Budapest park and reciting in German verses from Goethe’s Faust, he came to shine a brilliant idea, destined to lead humanity into full electrification. “Then in a moment of inspiration, saying these words, the idea hit me like a lightning flash, and in a moment I discovered the truth. With rattan began then etch the sand charts … “Tesla wrote later in his autobiography My Inventions (My Inventions). With his cane the man who “discovered” in the 20th century began to design drafts in an engine ground. “Do you see him?” He asked his friend, who was watching speechless, “look at me now will reverse!” Him. When finished the sketches exclaimed full satisfaction: “That’s it! A rotating magnetic field! See how it works quietly. Without sparks. Without noise. It works great! “In this unusual way Tesla first conceived the idea of the rotating magnetic field and induction motor, which is used today in every electrical device. Grabbing a big secret of Nature and giving the people, Tesla was a modern Prometheus who led humanity to the electricity era …

Without Nikola Tesla was not AC in your home, light the lamp would not defeat the darkness, they would not work the computer or your coffee. We owe him 700 inventions, some of which founded our world. “If you want to disappear from our industrial world the results of Mr. Tesla project gears industries should stop to turn, our electric trains would be immobilized, our cities sinking in darkness … Yes both came away with his work, which was the foundation of the modern world. The name of a marked progress in the era of electricity science. From this work sprang a revolution … “So once commented American physicist B. A. Behrend contribution of Tesla in the contemporary world configuration.

Tesla was not a single inventor. For one to call Tesla simply “inventor” is like saying that Chopin was merely a “pianist”. Tesla was an explorer of new knowledge continents, a man discovered new physical principles and only by necessity was inventor. By the same greatest importance was the discovery of new physical principles rather than their implementation in practice. It was above all a pioneer explorer of new principles of physics, a humanist scientist who envisioned a better future for humanity. A man of miracles.

This was indeed the biggest difference with the Thomas Alba Edison. The Edison was just an inventor (with more than 1,000 patents to his credit), who cared only for the practical application and commercialization of inventions. Unlike Tesla, despite the fact that at least 700 patents charged, it was essentially a theoretical formula, a bold explorer indifferent to the practical application and, especially for the commercial benefit from the exploitation of his discoveries.

Unlike Edison, Tesla was a “lonely rider”, which remained throughout his life independent elected and released, often with tough battles with the scientific and industrial establishment of his time. Tesla went fearlessly forward without regard for the consequences. Unlock to the sensitivity of a poet the great secrets of nature and give her humanity. He was interested in the overall progress and believed in the positive potential of the man who could be developed into a perfect score.

From the very beginning of his scientific Tesla Action gave a series of solitary battles against the scientific and industrial establishment of his time. In some of those defeated, while in most lost because he did not agree with vested interests. The polyphase system of alternating current prevailed, but after he gave a fierce battle with the industry of DC. Eventually defeated, because it was obviously more efficient and economical. The promotional engine failed, not because it was not effective, but because to be applied should be changed throughout the automobile structure. And the ambitious plan for wireless energy transfer did not go because was in direct contrast to monopoly interests, that prey as today the energy evolution of humanity.

Since the late 1880s Tesla accustomed mankind with a number of scientific surprises and inventions: AC inductive motors, multi-phase system, high frequency currents, electrical oscillator, Tesla coil, radio, X-ray (Teslogramma), radio control, automation , wireless energy transfer, tilegeodynamiki, proothotikoi engines, radar, interferomretro, electromagnetic protection … are only some of the 700 inventions, which Serbian scientist offered to humanity. Really, who of you knows that behind every electrical device we have today in our homes, lies the genius of a man who literally devoted his life, mind and spirit in the service of humanity?

Besides scientist and inventor Tesla was a visionary of a future in which man would not be forced to strive for survival, where the words rich and poor will not mean a difference in the level of material prosperity but spiritual abilities. Tesla was a dreamer, a pejorative word for “down to earth”, a champion who dare to go fearlessly into the unknown, exploring new worlds of knowledge. He was a philosopher, who ceaselessly meditates on the great problems of mankind. A poet of science. On the other was also a weird, wacky and eccentric man who followed a completely own “life plan”.

From the age of 34 years Tesla stopped craves, to hate, to grieve, to drink coffee, tea or alcohol, smoking, staring in the mirror, wearing a watch, rings and eating whatever the cook someone else. In short gathered all the wealth and power of genius in a single purpose: to think and to serve humanity, discovering things that would make human life easier and happier.

Although it could rest on his laurels, being glorified and wealthy by the age of 34 years, he preferred to go even further, offering to humanity as a new Prometheus, a much greater gift: the Free Energy.

The Free Energy for all was his big dream.

Tesla is the “father” of Free Energy. He envisioned a world where everyone has free access to the endless sea of energy that surrounds him. In a lecture given on May 20, 1891 at Columbia College in New York, Tesla wrote to the enthusiastic crowd saying: “All We run together within an infinite space with an incredible speed and all around us are moving, turning and surrounded by energy. There is certainly no direct access to this energy. Electricity learned from the natural environment, comes from this energy. Soon we will draw without much trouble many energies from this vast and inexhaustible natural energy and thus humanity will move forward with giant steps. “

On July 3, 1899, during his experiments in Colorado Springs, the Serbian American inventor claimed to have discovered an “inexhaustible source of energy.” even predicted that in the future the world would be able to connect with this source of inexhaustible energy, and this would change the shape of the human civilization and lead to the conquest of space.

For almost a year (1899-1900) in Colorado Springs and at an altitude of 2,300 meters, Tesla made a series of important experiments on wireless energy transfer. There he was able not only to create artificial 40 meters long lightning, but also to light bulbs simply by touching them on the ground and to operate devices at a distance of tens of kilometers! In Colorado Springs found something already senses: that the Earth was a huge “energy pool”, a good energy pipeline, which meant that the global wireless power transmission system, which envisioned, could be realized. The entire planet could be interfaced energy if constructed according to the plan, a network of electrical and electromagnetic energy transmitting and receiving towers. Even the land itself could be used to transfer huge amounts of energy, so that everyone was in a position to draw energy simply sticking a metal rod in the ground! Although some believed that what he was saying Tesla should be put into the “box with the crack-brained” of humanity, however, modern science and the latest technological developments seem to vindicate him.

Tesla believed it was possible to transmit electricity wirelessly and made whole plans for a global energy system. The vision was a global system that simultaneously broadcast radio signals and transferred wirelessly electricity! The design was so advanced and radical for its time, just doors made public on Wall Street closed for him. The monopoly interests, even those who have invested millions of dollars to the AC system, refused to fund him.

When the bankers John Pierpont Morgan, who originally sponsored the draft inventor Gouornteklif Long Island, informed that the goal of Tesla was the wireless transfer of energy asked the inventor: “And who will sell the energy to the recipients?” “None” replied honestly Tesla, “everyone will be able to take it nailing a bar on the ground or by placing an antenna on the roof of his house. Think about it: there will be no cables, airships will fly using radiant energy … “” Enough, “interrupted the bankers. “Thank you very much sir Tesla. I will send you my answer. ” The answer, and the money never came. By the end of his life, Tesla was waiting for an answer …

The visionary and hopelessly humanist Tesla had done wrong to show the prime representative of the monopolistic interests of the time, the world as it could be: free from energy monopolies and abundant and cheap energy for everyone. A world that humanity might be ready for the 21st century …

After the failure of the plan on Gouonterklif Tesla never had any other opportunity to bring free energy to the world. But continued until the end of his life to design, construct and envision various useful achievements. Everything was incompatible, a lonely and romantic “Knight” of science. The establishment of the time the hard fought and ultimately died, as today, on January 7, 1943, poor and ignored, in a humble room of the New Yorker Hotel.

Tesla was a great visionary and optimistic about the future of humanity. What, however, were the visions of the utopian and free energy world of the future? These are hidden in hundreds of manuscripts that have been blown away by the secret services and research groups around the world …

The life, work, ideas and visions of the “father” of Free Energy, have inspired dozens of scientists and researchers, raised and they in turn themselves in hunting the “Holy Grail” of science: the discovery of a device will draw and benefit from the Free Energy of the environment. As is used to tell the great Serbian American inventor: “Energy is everywhere and in abundance. But we are thirsty. Looks like someone lying on a boat sailing in a river, but dies of thirst, why not have a glass to drink water. “

Awards and Recognitions of Nikola Tesla

  • In 1912 Tesla was proposed, along with Edison for the Nobel Prize.
  • In 1917, Tesla was awarded the “Medal of Edison ‘”, the most prestigious award in the field of electrical engineering in the US.
  • In 1960 the International Electrotechnical Commission named the unit of magnetic induction unit Tesla (T).
  • In 1975 Tesla officially introduced in Inventor’s Hall of Fame.
  • In 1976 he introduced the Tesla Award from the Institute of US Electromechanical, which is awarded annually.
  • In 1983 the US Post Office honored Tesla printing stamps with the form.
  • The statue of Nikola Tesla positioned in Niagara Falls, where in 1895 opened its first hydroelectric plant in the world.
  • 1992 printed in Serbia a number of banknotes in the form of Tesla.
  • The corner of 40th Street to 6th Avenue in Manhattan called “Corner of Nikola Tesla” and placed on a billboard to remind New Yorkers that the city owes much to Tesla.
  • In 2005 the International Airport of Belgrade renamed “Airport Nikola Tesla”.
  • 2006 was declared by UNESCO «Tesla Year” to commemorate the 150 years since the birth of the great inventor.

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