Now you can buy the smartphones OnePlus easier


The Chinese company, OnePlus, sold its first smartphone on the market, OnePlus One, two years ago. The way you could buy it was only through the site of OnePlus and just over an invitation system. It seems the company is changing tactics to appeal to a wider audience.

OnePlus invite

One way is to remove the invitation system, something that seems to change with the advent of the OnePlus 3 on June 14, as the company announced that it will be able to buy it from the site, as with all other market smartphones. The invitation system require either registering for booking or be lucky and win a promotion in the company or receive an invite from someone holder OnePlus.

OnePlus amazon

The other way in which the company facilitates the disposal of equipment are working with the Amazon UK. You can order this time the OnePlus 2 for €319 (the same price you will find in the company’s site), and the OnePlus X.

OnePlus 3

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