Shadow of the Beast: The Big Success Game of Amiga Returns For PlayStation 4


One of the best games of Amiga returns today exclusively on PlayStation 4. The Shadow of the Beast was a great success for the Commodore Amiga 1989, which was released by Psygnosis, followed and published for other consoles like SNES and Mega Drive. They released 2 sequels in 1990 and 1992 and of note is the addition of the original game in Remake, which is released today.

Shadow of the beast 4 ps4

The game follows the same pattern as the original, as is the protagonist Aarbron, who was kidnapped as a child and by magic turned into a monster-servant-warrior diabolical ruler Maletoth. To gameplay also follow the steps in the orginal version, with parallax-scrolling platforming and violent battles dipped in blood.

Shadow of the beast 4 remaik ps4

The Shadow of the Beast remake released today exclusively for the PlayStation 4

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