Sony has released the Full-Frame Prime Lens EF 50mm F1.4 ZA


Sony has presented a new full-frame lens photo E-mount system, the Planar T * FE 50mm F1.4 ZA (SEL50F14Z model). An absolute, with large 50mm diaphragm “fixed” lens, the new ZEISS® Planar F1.4 offers high resolution, high contrast and excellent performance in general.

sony Full-Frame Prime FE 50mm

This prime 50mm lens is characterized by a very large maximum aperture of F1.4, which offers a striking contrast and excellent resolution, elements of ZEISS® trademark. These characteristics remain continuously strong across the frame-from the center to the steering angle and at all aperture settings, even when taking a completely open aperture at F1.4. The innovative optical structure includes high precision AA (Advanced Aspherical) and ED (Extra Low Dispersion) glass elements, which reduce the spherical and chromatic aberration, as well as a coating ZEISS® T *, which minimizes flare and ghosting, resulting classical clarity of ZEISS®. Moreover, the Planar design ensures minimal distortion.

sony Full-Frame Prime F1,4

The large aperture of F1.4 FE 50mm F1.4 ZA lens provides a brightness level and speed that favors the interior shots in low light, night scenes and portraits, while the circular diaphragm with 11 blades allows dazzling Boca or defocus background, in the pictures. The lens also has a diaphragm ring with an adjustable ON / OFF switch, a switch AF / MF Focus status and is designed for resistance to dust and moisture, an element that further enhances its functionality.

sony Prime FE 50mm F1.4

The new lens is also equipped with a system SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor), which allows it to “lock” the focus on speed, accuracy and almost aicha thus becomes particularly useful for film shooting.

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