Space Internet use in our solar system


An important step towards creating an Internet of our solar system (Solar System Internet) conducted by NASA, putting into service service DTN (Delay / Disruption Tolerant Networking) to the International Space Station.

This service helps automate and improve data availability for experiments in space stations, and considered that will result in more efficient utilization of bandwidth and better data recovery.

The DTN operates by providing a reliable, automated

«store and forward» (store and forward) data network fragmentary stores “packages” data “channels” (nodes) along a communication corridor, until these parts can be promoted or retransmitted when they reach the destination; whether he is on Earth, or spaceships off into space, either- any moment- in colonies and bases on other planets.

This differs from the traditional Internet protocols require that all nodes are available in the same time frame for successful data transmission.

The International Space Station, DTN added to Telescience Resource Kit (TreK)

A suite of software to enable researchers to transmit and receive data between business centers and on the station.

The service at the station will also improve the implementation of mission support, including file transfers that have to do with business.

The initial use of this operational level of service in space mission marks the beginning of the use of the space station as a hub in the evolving Solar System Internet, according to the NASA- which argues that the DTN can be very useful in environments where communications They are unreliable, as the areas affected by disasters.

For this purpose, the US space agency worked with one of the “fathers of the Internet”, the Vida Surf, vice and important Google’s executive and leading scientist of JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) of NASA in Pasadena, and with the IRTF (Internet Research Task Force), the CCSDS (Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems) and IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).

Many of the DTN applications are publicly available as open source code, for use by academics, developers, satellite manufacturers etc.

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