The Airbus PopUp moves in land and air


The Airbus PopUp is a very interesting concept for a self-driven drone in land and air.

Can the flying cars are still far from the stage of implementation, but the idea behind the Airbus PopUp is the vehicle through electronic payment can be ordered it to meet the tenant, to recognize and waiting for him to adapt up of experts propellers that will carry it to the desired destination. All you have to do the passenger of Airbus PopUp is to give the destination of the artificial intelligence of the vehicle will take over all the rest.

Airbus PopUp 2Airbus is the PopUp aspires to belong to a moving network on demand, without regard to the end user where to park or leave the vehicle. That carries the destination of flying and then adapted to the special base with wheels to save or to go to the next destination.

Airbus PopUpThe Airbus will provide a first glimpse of PopUp at the International Geneva Motor Show, but still are very far from the construction of a finished product. The truth is that AirBus PopUp gives us a first idea of how they could be movements in the metropolis of the future.

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