The best pictures from drones for 2016!


Beyond the use of drones for military operations as including surveillance, intelligence and transport and bombs and bombardments these unmanned small aircraft used for taking simple photos !. Here are 10 amazing photos depicting moments that the human eye can not be recorded with a conventional camera.

Here are the photos of the holding of the Third International Festival of Photography Drones!

First prize in the category ” travel ” from Assisi area, Italy.

Drone Photo 1

Second prize, category ” travel ”. Cable Beach.

Drone Photo 2Third prize, category ” travel ”. From the camping area in Gran Canaria, Spain

Drone Photo 3Fourth prize category ” Wild Life ” from the forest Kaldiris Denmark.

Drone Photo 4Fifth prize category ‘Nature-Wildlife’ Volcano Piton De La Fournaise

Drone Photo 5Sixth prize. Photo from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Drone Photo 6Seventh. Category Adventure-Sport ‘. Moab Rock Climbing

Drone Photo 7Eighth. Category Adventure-Sport ‘. Chugach Mountain Range, Alaska

Drone Photo 8Ninth place. Waves from the Venice Pier

Drone Photo 9Tenth Prize. Category ” Nature-Wildlife ‘. Flock of sheep

Drone Photo 10

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