The NASA Confirms The “Rule of Five Seconds” For Food Dropped On The Ground


The “rule of five seconds” – the urban legend about the food, about whether to eat something you dropped on the Ground or not is finally true, according to two of NASA engineers.

Nearly a 87% of people have admitted, in a survey in 2014, that would eat food that has fallen on the Ground. Today, NASA is pleased to release them and by any remorse, although of course there are certain requirements.

Speaking at the Science Channel’s show «The Quick and the Curious», engineers Mark Rober and Mike Meacham explained that the amount of moisture in the food and the surface on which it falls are key factors in how bacteria will eventually collect.

“The” rule of 5 seconds “is actually the” rule of 30 seconds and the surface moisture. ” The average bacterium moves with speed 0.00045 miles per hour; 67 times slower than the snail means, “says Rober, who nevertheless notes that” when any food dropped on the Ground immediately spring up small amounts of bacteria. “

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What we have discovered is that a food with humidity lying on the Ground for more than 30 seconds from the time that has, gathers 10 fold more bacteria compared to accumulate only 3 seconds. “The e coli, salmonella and listeria adore humid environments. They absorb water for the nutrients they need to grow and multiply “explain.

The surface on which falls something also plays a huge role. It found that the carpets carry fewer germs than floors made of canvas, and this because the weavers ‘tufts’ their records mean that smaller surface will come into contact with food.

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