The Walking Dead: Michonne – Ep 2 and Ep 3 Review


The exemplary crumpling of a «bad ass» character

The work he had to do at Telltale Games The Walking Dead: Michonne was difficult and had to avoid several pitfalls, since, according to the standard of studio- had plan to develop an untold story, to set up new characters and unleash the dark aspects in one from the most popular characters of the universe of the Walking Dead. And all this in just three episodes. The Michonne is an “appetizer» spin off, in anticipation of The Walking Dead third cycle, which recounts the events that occurred during the comic # 126 and # 139, which the separated and reuniting with Rick’s group alexandria.

But do not kid yourself there is no connection either with the story of Clementine, or something we’ve seen in the television series. It is a completely separate story that only readers of comics knew. And this is precisely the selling point. It targets the fans of the series and in the extension lovers admittedly qualitative work of the studio. Even no contact with the universe not to give the gamer who will experience it, the imposing and corrupt character of Michonne and the unknown back story is able to attract the interest and make a deal with him. The whole thing, of course, subject to how it was implemented.

The Walking Dead Michonne 1

The fear I had from the outset is how the creators will be able to fit and to develop all this in just three episodes. That’s why I think the time is extremely short in order to manage to unfold characters of both the Michonne itself and the characters who surround. Because in such games that their foundations are based on story telling and character development should be strong, otherwise it and build upon them will collapse. Naturally Telltale Games is no coincidence of studios, he knew very well and for this reason decided to contrast the two oldest cycles to focus almost exclusively on the Michonne and less -almost epidermika- to others. On the one fully understand that the decision, on the other hand I can not not think about how memorable it could be playing if he gave air to “breathe” with a few more episodes.

The shallow and likely scenario «In too Deep» evolves in these two episodes «Give No Shelter» and «What We Deserve» smoothly with several surprises so anxious, and emotional, as a whole but is still likely but not so shallow. Not deepen as it should in any case, but the power of narrative, image and music do the rest job and balances the situation. I do not want to say anything about this during this script because I do not want to any clue about anything. You will not play this game for the gameplay, but the story. And the story despite the shortcomings is worth. Not so for the events running but more for the psychological struggle of the protagonist. Whether will leave the guilt and the ghosts of the past to lure the abyss of paranoia and anguish to find somewhere will to live.

The Walking Dead Michonne 2

On whether he deserves the world another attempt to protect people who cares, but people will know (especially children) which will make it again to the surface of the greatest failure. This against own family. Clearly it is not the best time in the series, nor can it be compared with the story of Clementine, but it just curl nature and breaking the image of tough woman who knew so far, is the element that stands out, I liked lot and that makes me suggest that you experience from inside the the Walking Dead: Michonne.

As for the gameplay have been some noticeable changes, especially in the QTE’s that especially in the third part are reduced considerably because the action scenes are fewer but also stronger. And here appears the good work he has done over the studio in this area: the balance. First has given emphasis on story telling reducing action scenes, but has taken care of when they make their presence is as strong need to not let the player to relax or bored. Certainly among us does not believe that there is someone out there who would buy the title for the action if any of you reading have such impression, better look for something else.

The graphics of the game are composed of beautiful shell shaded to give mannered comic aesthetic that has implemented the Telltale in all games. But surprise caused by the soundtrack which admittedly did not expect, since in my first episode passed completely unnoticed.

The Jared Emerson-Johnson, the composer who worked on all the previous titles The Walking Dead and in The Wolf Among Us, Back to the Future, Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones makes felt again the presence of ultimately delivering a remarkable musical score in Michonne, which would not be the same without his artistic intervention. If in your mind you have made some gaming composers love, hold the edge and the same name. Already has shown great examples and I’m sure the future will be a name with appropriate opportunities will unfold more.

The Walking Dead Michonne 3

In summary …

Pending therefore, the third cycle of the labors of Telltale Games, she wanted to give an “appetizer” for fans of The Walking Dead, through the story of one of the most popular characters of television series and comic. The plan of but only three episodes, of course not sufficient to unfold the characters that surround the protagonist, pushing the studio in choosing to focus only on itself and almost superficial in the rest, which is in contrast to what we had become accustomed to previous games. Despite this, the unknown dark background of Michonne, the psychological conflict that prevails inside and curl nature like we knew, along with the combination of narrative, image and music, as well as the perfect balance of story telling and action, contributing to a good result. No more nor touching story of Clementine, but certainly worth the attention of admirers of her work Telltale Games and worshiped by the fans of the universe The Walking Dead.


7.0 Awesome

Tested on : PS4
Developer : Telltales Games
Publisher : Telltale Games
Available for : PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, Android
Release date : Tuesday, April 26, 2016

  • Rating: 7
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 8

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