They found a way to stop aging?


The key to slow aging and prevent the onset of neurodegenerative diseases and other diseases associated with it are seeking for many years scientists. They discovered the University of Michigan researchers, a mitochondrial protein protects the body from free radicals, which destroy or deaden its cells.

The protein produced naturally by the body to protect when they experience excessive presence of free radicals (byproducts of normal metabolism generated during the production of energy, extracting electrons from neighboring molecules and causing damage to proteins, cell membranes, DNA), causing oxidative stress in biomolecules, contributing as a catalyst in the process of aging and degenerative diseases of the elderly. Scientists estimate that if we activate chemically the production of protein (thus the body’s natural defense to free radicals), the recent levels will be reduced, slowing the aging process.

Researchers at Michigan investigated the lysosomes, which “cleans” the cells die. When lysosomes “identify” big load of free radicals, activate calcium channels on the surface of cell membranes. By the reaction of many genes begins the production of many lysosomes and stronger in a parallel overproduction bar to quickly clean the dead cells.

According to the head of the research team Chaoxingk Xu, “if we use chemicals to directly activate this process, we can reduce both levels of free radicals as Mr. damage caused to cells. So to reduce the oxidative stress levels of aging or disease development with associated with aging. “

Scientific research describes the process by which the body perceives and reacts to the presence of excess free radicals from the lysosomes regulating the cleaning of these residues. Published in the journal «Nature Communications».

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